Benefit Galifornia

If I had wanted to this could have been the shortest blog post I’ve ever written because four words sum up my feelings on this product…..I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!!!
So yah there you go, see you later…on to the next post, but no seriously let me tell you why I love it so you can decide for yourself whether it’s something you might like to try.

On Thursday the 9th of March I bought a ticket for a Benefit Masterclass in Brown Thomas Cork. The Masterclass was with the wonderful Benefit Makeup artist Mike Standen and it was to help show us exactly how gorgeous and versatile Galifornia actually is.

After that I was hooked, Mike created such a stunning Summertime look, using Galifornia on both the eyes and the cheeks. Now I’m no stranger to the concept of using Benefit cheek products on my eyes and in case you don’t know this, Hoola Bronzer makes the most gorgeous transition colour ever so go and try it ASAP!! So unsurprisingly on the night I bought myself a Galifornia of my own.

Used Galifornia along with the Shaaanxo palette on my eyes

On top of being the most gorgeous coral pink shade it has a gold iridescent overlay which adds the tiniest amount of highlight to the product, not so much that you look like a disco ball but a gentle amount that makes your skin look healthy and fresh. This blusher also smells absolutely incredible, I know that that might sound funny but from the moment you open the box it smells like sunshine, it’s so uplifting.

Galifornia is the most beautiful shade of blusher

At the risk of sounding ridiculously cheesy here, this product just makes me happy!! It is so much fun, it’s a stunning colour, it smells beautiful, the packaging is to die for, I think it’s my most favourite Benefit boxed blusher release since Dandelion.

On the left Galifornia swatched no flash, on the right Galifornia swatched with flash

Priced at €34 it’s an excellent investment in my opinion, it’s a very versatile product and I know from having Benefit boxed blushers over the years they last for yonks…happy days!!

Will you be purchasing Galifornia? Do you have any other favourite Benefit blushers?

Just because it’s nearly Valentine’s Day here are my top 5 favourite red lippies! 

Valentine’s Day is coming and this holiday always makes me want to wear red lips. Hardly original I know but I think there’s nothing more classic than an eyeliner flick teamed with a red lip!! In celebration I thought I’d share with you my favourite red lipsticks.

1. Urban Decay Vice Lipstick- Spiderweb

Now this colour was first released as part of the Limited Edition collaboration with Gwen Stefani back in January of 2016 but thankfully it was then released later the same year as one of the 100 Vice Lipsticks so happy days that it’s now available without any restriction.

UD Spiderweb with UD Wonderland lip pencil

2. The Balm Meet Matte Hughes- Loyal

I have a miniature one of these liquid lipsticks, I got it as part of the Meet Matte Hughes miniatures set and I have to say that out of all of the different types of matte liquid lipsticks I’ve tried these are right up there at the top of my list of favourites. Incredibly long lasting and not one bit drying….big huge thumbs up!!!

Meet Matte Hughes liquid lipstick in Loyal with UD Wonderland lip pencil

3. Wet n Wild Megalast lip colour in Red Velvet

One of the very best budget lipsticks on the market by far. If you don’t have one of these beauties in your collection then you need to fix that…..quickly. The Megalast range is a long lasting lipstick but isn’t one bit drying on the lips. I absolutely love them but I love this colour in particular, it’s so comfortable!!

Red Velvet lipstick with UD Wonderland lip pencil

4. Clinique Chubby Stick Intense in Mightiest Maraschino

An absolute handbag staple the Chubby Stick has been a long time favourite of mine but when it came to pick up one of these in a red shade I went for the Intense version. This still isn’t a full on lipstick as such but the colour isn’t as opaque as the regular Chubby Sticks, Mightiest Maraschino is a divine shade, so moisturising and comfortable on the lips and even though it’s a cream finish it still has very decent lasting power. 

Chubby Stick in Mightiest Maraschino

5. Benefit They’re Real Double the Lip in Revved up Red. 

So last and most certainly not least is my most recent addition to my red lipstick collection. This colour is so beautiful and I love the idea of having the lip pencil shade on one side and the lipstick on the other, it’s absolutely genius. So comfortable to wear and I’ve been so impressed with the lasting power when it’s on. Another big thumbs up for me can’t wait to try some more shades!! 

So those are the nicest red lipsticks I own, what do you think? Which one is your favourite? Do you have any of these already in your collection or do you have any others that you’d recommend to me? Let me know!! 

Please note that all of these products have been bought by myself and all opinions expressed are my own. 

My favourites from 2016- AKA “The Lippies”

Since I started my blog in May of last year I’ve gotten to try and find some incredible products most of which I’ve shared with you either here or on my various social media channels. But with it being the start of a new year I’ve decided to do a round up of what I consider to be the creme de la creme of the products I found in 2016, my absolute favourites. True to form I’ve decided to give these awards a name, hence forth they shall be known as “The Lippies”!!
1. Favourite Foundation- I think this is going to be one of the easiest ones for me because since discovering Flormar Perfect Coverage Foundation during the summer there really hasn’t been another foundation come close perhaps with the exception of the Cailyn Super HD Foundation but there is quite a significant price difference between them. The Flormar Perfect Coverage Foundation is full coverage but light weight, it lasts all day and you need the tiniest amount ever to cover your entire face. I cannot speak highly enough about this product, in fact I gave it it’s own dedicated blog post here back in September.

Runner Up- Cailyn Super HD Foundation. Read more about that here

2. Favourite Eyeshadow Palette- This one is so, so hard. If you follow me on any of my social media platforms I think you’ll know that my obsession with eyeshadow palettes is real, so to narrow it down to one is quite difficult. I think in my heart though I know it has to be Anastasia Beverley Hills “Modern Renaissance”. I can’t actually believe that I haven’t done a dedicated blog post for this palette yet because I love it so much but yah, believe the hype, because everything you’ve heard about it is true. I’ve never experienced eye shadows that blend the way these ones do. I also have the Huda Beauty Rose Gold palette and it’s not a patch on Modern Renaissance so save your money. A cult product really at this point because it’s so hard to get your hands on it so keep your eyes peeled on Beauty Bay and Cult Beauty because they release a limited amount of them every couple of months (with an ever increasing price tag unfortunately) but if you’re a palette nerd like me or you’re just looking for that one Holy Grail palette then I think this one might just be for you.

The truly beautiful Modern Renaissance palette

Runner Up- This is even more difficult to be honest so I’m going to pick two. First runner up is Meet Matte Trimony from The Balm. This is a stunning palette, The Balm are fast becoming one of my favourite brands but this palette stands out. I love the shades, they blend so well, the pan sizes are huge and although there is a little bit of fallout when you use it the shadows themselves are extremely long lasting on the eye. A massive thumbs up from me.

The Balm Meet Matte Trimony in amongst some of my other favourites

Second runner up is the Death by Chocolate palette from I Heart Makeup. The quality of this palette really surprised me. There’s a beautiful selection of colours especially suitable for everyday wear. There’s a mixture of matte and shimmer colours in the palette and they’re really easy to work with. A complete bargain at €12.


Death by Chocolate palette by I Heart Makeup


3. Favourite Liquid Liner- Up until about three weeks ago the product that I have as the runner up today would probably have been the winner until my friend Joyce from Makemeupmua introduced me to this absolute beauty from Essence Cosmetics. The Liquid Ink Waterproof Eyeliner from Essence is quite incredible. The precision that the wand allows you is phenomenal and the pigment, the pigment is exactly what I look for in an eyeliner, as black as coal!! To top it all off this eyeliner is barely over €3!!! A real gem, try it yourself, I know you won’t be disappointed.

My favourite liquid liner teamed with my runner up for favourite mascara


Runner Up- My runner up and all time favourite until a few weeks ago is the liquid eyeliner from Inglot. At €12 this is obviously more expensive than the Essence product but it’s a really fantastic liner. The main difference between the two is the Inglot eyeliner has a nib type applicator whereas the essence one is a flimsier type one which is ideal if you’re confident with liquid liner application but if you’re not I’d always recommend using a nib type product or an eyeliner pen as they will help you grow your confidence. The Inglot liner is really pigmented too and doesn’t move once you apply it. I’d highly recommend it especially because the product itself lasts absolutely ages.

Inglot Liquid Eyeliner

4. Favourite Mascara- I have spoken about this mascara on my blog before see here but I’ve yet to find one as good as it and it’s an absolute bargain to boot. My favourite is Catrice Glam n Doll Curl & Volume Mascara, Ultra Black & Curl, my God what a mouthful. I love it, I love everything about it. It’s so pigmented, I love the brush, it’s amazing for curling the lashes. It doesn’t flake or smudge even though it’s not waterproof and it’s €4.49!!! Yah €4.49…..tick, tick, tick!! I usually buy mine in Penneys but it’s available anywhere there’s a Catrice stand.

Runner Up- My choice of runner up for this category is another bargain and it’s Lash Princess Falsh Lash Effect Mascara from Essence Cosmetics. Again it’s under €5, has fabulous pigment and lasts all day. The Catrice mascara pips it to the post for me because of the wand, I personally just loved a curved mascara wand.

Special Mentions- These are products I’ve used pretty much every day regardless of how I’m doing my makeup and they deserve special mentions of their own.

Benefit Precisely My Brow Pencil- I’m 100% not exaggerating when I say that I have used this product on my brows every single day since I bought it during the summer. It is the most straightforward product ever, I adore it. It helps to give your brows definition and look precise without looking overly drawn on. All I can say is it’s the best Brow product I’ve used to date and I cannot recommend it highly enough.

*Wetnwild Megaglo Contouring Palette  All day every day I use this product. If you follow any of my social media pages you’ll know firstly how much I wear this product and secondly how much I love it. Just in case you don’t I included it in a blog post I wrote a few months ago that you can find here

Well there you have it, some of my top makeup picks for 2016. Are any of your favourites mentioned here? Have you any others you’d add to the list?
Please note that I’ve paid for all of the products mentioned except for those marked with a * This in no way affects my opinions  

My Birchbox experience

Ok so back at the end of July after weeks of going back and forth about signing up to a Beauty Subscription Box I decided to sign up to Birchbox. To be honest their page kept coming up on my Facebook suggestions so when I saw they were doing a 2 for 1 deal on their boxes to celebrate Birchbox now being available to Irish customers I felt it was a sign!! (Any excuse lol!!)

The deal they were offering at the time was if you signed up before the end of July you got June and July’s box for the price of one month, happy days especially because firstly, they were doing a collaboration with Millie Mackintosh in July’s box and you got an exclusive colour Ultra Gloss Lip Pencil by LOC and secondly you got to choose a full size John Frieda product of your choice too which was pretty much worth the price of one months subscription alone. In retrospect it all did seem to be too good to be true and turns out I wasn’t wrong!!

My first issue with them is communication, there just isn’t any, you sign up and you hear nothing and as a consumer I find that incredibly annoying. After hearing absolutely nothing for nearly a week I sent them an email just to make sure that my order had been successful and that I would indeed be getting both June and July’s box as per the deal, 5 DAYS LATER I got a response and what was even worse than having to wait that long was the fact that the response told me that there had been a delay and my AUGUST box had been sent out the day before and should be with me shortly……..Actual facepalm!! I waited for five days to get a response to a question I didn’t ask, awesome!!

On the 11th of August my August Birchbox arrived which I suppose was at least acknowledgement that I was an actual customer of theirs. The contents of the bag were decent enough, I was impressed with the sizes of some of the products included and I felt that I would use most of them. I particularly liked the “Marcelle” Mulberry eyeliner that came in the bag, it is such a beautiful colour.

August Birchbox

In the meantime I had responded to the very “helpful” first email to ask for an answer to my actual question and again was hearing nothing back. I tried contacting Birchbox via Twitter and Facebook Messenger too to try and get a response. Twitter didn’t work but I did however get a response through Facebook Messenger but unfortunately I had messaged the wrong account a got through to Birchbox US instead of UK. This was to be the only time that I experienced efficient customer orientated service from Birchbox. I dealt with Brent who was so helpful who actually reached out to the UK team on my behalf to try and get somebody to return my email. I was incredibly grateful to him for his help as almost immediately after he contacted them I finally got a response back to say the other two boxes were on their way.

Fast forward maybe four days and there they were, finally my two boxes from Birchbox, I was so excited, finally I was going to get what I ordered….WRONG!!! I opened the package and inside was March and July’s Birchboxes. You can imagine my frustration by now, I couldn’t believe that after all of the hassle I had already been through now my order was wrong. I was even more frustrated when I opened the March box, it was actually a disgrace that they sent the contents of that box to anybody, I was fuming!!

The horror that was March’s Birchbox, check out the hair bobbles

The only bit of light at the end of the tunnel was the fact that July’s box was every bit as good as I had hoped it would be and I got my full size John Frieda 7 Day Volume In-Shower Treatment too. I instantly contacted Birchbox on Twitter again, numerous times and I sent another email too but I obviously knew at that point what was going to be ahead of me trying to get somebody to contact me back.

At least July’s box was fab!!

Three days and several tweets later I finally got a response to my email to say there must have been a mistake (really!!?!?) and they’d send a June box out to me that day. At no point during this entire experience did anybody offer any apology for the ridiculously poor customer service I received, nobody seemed to be interested to be honest other than that lovely guy in Birchbox US who helped me out. 

Happy with the June box when it finally arrived!!

It was at that point I decided to cancel my subscription with immediate effect. What bothered me most of all is that I had shared this “deal” with my blog readers via my Facebook page and I knew for a fact that some of them had signed up for the subscription too. This made me feel so awful if they had experienced something similar,  I felt like it was my fault. 

I’m hoping somebody at Birchbox might actually read this and put something in place so nobody else has to deal with such overwhelmingly bad customer service in future. Have you tried Birchbox or any other beauty subscription boxes? How has your experience been? I’d really love to hear!! 


Benefit Brow Range

Back at the end of June all of us beauty buffs waited with baited breath for the launch of the new Benefit brow range. Never in my life do I remember a brand launching so many individual products within a range all at once. It was amazing but it was confusing, so many products to choose from, how were we to know which one was going to work best for our particular brow issues?. To give us a sneak peek of what was to come Benefit put gorgeous little miniature sizes of some of their products in various glossy magazines in the lead up to and just after the launch and I for one was hooked. 
But having tried out the miniatures and honestly loving all of them (apart from the Goof Proof pencil being in the wrong shade) I wanted to know more. I wanted the inside scoop on what products were designed for what brow type and for that I headed into Boots in Half Moon Street (my spiritual home) and got to chat with the gorgeous Emma the Benefit counter manager about the range. She very kindly walked me through each of the products and their purpose and now I’m going to share what she told me with you!

Browvo Conditioning Primer €30.50

So Emma explined this product as being the first step product . Its a conditioning treatment so like a face primer or an eye primer gets your brows ready for the product you’re about to put on them. It softens and conditions the brows and helps to extend the wear of other brow products used over it. Its a completely clear gel so its suitable for all shades of brows and it has an easy to use applicator on top making it super handy. This is the first step simply because it can be used ahead of any of the other brow products you chose to use.

High Brow & High Brow Glow €24.00

Ok so I’m going to put these here, again because they are products that are used at the start of your brow prepping. Now High Brow is not a new product but it did get a little make over so it could match the glamour of it’s new counterparts!! This product is designed to highlight and brighten under the brow bone. The High Brow has a Matte baby pink finish and the High Brow Glow has a champagne pink shimmer finish, this is essentially the difference between them both, otherwise they both do the same job. They both increase the height of the brow arch giving a instantly “lifted” look, Benefit claim that “It’s like a brow lift in a pencil” so what’s not to like about that!! You apply these products along the browbone following the arch and gently blend. Emma also suggested popping them in the tearduct to open up the eye which is a fantastic idea! 

Ready Set Brow €26.00

I’m going to put this next in the list as its the finishing product so it can be used with all of the other brow products to finish your look or on it’s own if you’re looking for a more natural brow. Now this is a shaping and setting product, it’s a clear gel so it doesnt affect the colour of any other product you use with it. If used on it’s own it helps to maintain the natural shape of the brows and set them in place for the day. If used over another brow product it seals that product into place and helps to increase the longevity of your look. It has a dual-sided wand, you apply the product using the long bristle side and shape the brows using the short one. This was one of the products that I got free in a magazine and I have to say I loved it for days when I was going for a really natural look, especially during the hot weather when you don’t want to wear too much makeup.

3D Brow Tones €26.00

Now bear with me with this one because at first this sounds like a bit of a mickey take but I promise you it’s not. I would have never entertained it for one minute unless I had actually tried it and saw the difference it made to my overall brow look. Essentially it’s highlights for eyebrows and it makes sense, you highlight your hair so it adds dimension to the colour why not do the same for your brows? So 3D Brow Tones is a shimmering brow gel and what it’s really good at is adding texture to overly full brows and making thin brows appear fuller. I would urge you to go to your local Benefit counter and ask them to try this on for you so you can see how natural and different this product is. You may laugh now but I think this will be a “normal” part of all of our beauty routines in the not so distant future.

Gimme Brow  €26.00

Now this was one of the products that I got free in a magazine and I have to say I absolutely love it.  In fact when I was heading in to go through the brow products with Emma I thought there was no way whatsoever that she was going to show me anything that I liked more than this!! Again this is another product that Benefit previously had that got a makeover and a new shade added too for good measure. This is honestly the easiest brow product you’ll ever use, it’s a volumising gel that has tiny little microfibres that adhere to the hairs creating a defined, natural look. It’s perfect for gappy brows making them look fuller without being too over the top. It’s also water resistant and long wearing and in my experience of it it lasted all day without anything over it to set it. It comes in three shades, 1-Light/Medium,  2-Medium and 3- Medium/Dark I used number 5 on my brows.

Ka-Brow €26.00

So as I’ve said previously going into Boots I didn’t think I was going to like any of the other brow products anywhere near as much as I liked Gimme Brow but then I tried this!!! This is just the most beautiful product firstly from an aesthetic point of view, it’s a gorgeous little pot with an in-built angled brush in the lid which you can flip around and attach to the lid to make the brush longer, so handy for brows on the go!!! Secondly the product itself is beautiful, it’s a cream gel which makes application a breeze, it glides onto the brows effortlessly and is waterproof too so extremely long lasting. Because it’s a buildable product you can create whatever shape brows you want, from a more defined look to a softer one and anything in between. By using the angled brush you can define and shape the brows if they are more sparse or for those like myself with fuller brows you can use it to fill in gaps and make a more defined brow. It’s so close but I think this is my favourite of the range and judging by how much you actually need to use doing your brows you’ll have this product a really long time so it makes it great value indeed!! It comes in six different shades.

Brow-Zings €35.00

Probably the most iconic of all of Benefit’s brow products, Brow Zings is an oldie but a goodie and is back better than ever in gorgeous new packaging with a very cool fold up brush and tweezers still included!! I have previously used this product but my experience of it was sullied by the fact that about two months after I got it I dropped it and a little piece cracked off and that was the beginning of the end for it. I’ve never seen anything (so expensive) disintegrate so fast, not cool Benefit but apparently I wasn’t alone with this issue. The packaging seems a lot more secure than before thankfully and the colour choice has been extended from three shades to six which is no harm although some of the colours in the medium bracket still seem a bit on the reddish side.  

Brow Zings is a wax and powder duo compact and how you use it is a bit of a personal preference to be honest, some like to use the wax first followed by the powder, others do powder followed by wax. Me personally when I was using it dipped a bit in both first and then applied it and I found that way really worked for me. If I’m to be brutally honest here I don’t think this product is worth the extra money, I understand it’s more expensive because you get the brush and the tweezers included in the set but Ka-Brow is a far more superior product in my opinion and it’s €9 cheaper. You also get a brush with Ka-Brow though and even though it’s a smaller product I’d still pick it over Brow Zings every single time. 

Goof Proof Pencil €26.00

This is the first product I used from the new brow range having got it free in Elle Magazine back in June and although it wasn’t the right shade for me it gave me the opportunity to see it in action. The most perfect product for quick, everyday brows. Perfect for uneven or patchy brows to even them out and the “Goof Proof” tip doesn’t need to be sharpened so a handy one for the handbag. It’s really soft and glides on easily. It’s waterproof and according to Benefit lasts up to 12 hours which I’d be inclined to agree with having used it. The full size product also has a spoolie included so you can brush through the brows to give a softer look. This product is available in six different shades. 

Precisely My Brow €26.00

What an absolute dark horse of a product this is!! When we went through the full range briefly to begin with I immediately dismissed this one thinking it would do nothing for me, in fact I didn’t understand the point of it at all if I’m honest. Why would you choose a brow pencil with a rounded tip? I’ll tell you why…. because it’s awesome!!! This pencil has an extremely fine tip so it’s incredibly precise. This is obviously brilliant for those who have very fine or sparse brows because it allows you to create precise hair strokes allowing you to keep the brows very natural. Even though I have fairly full brows myself I’m so in love with this product, I love the idea of adding fine hair strokes to my own brows too to add more texture to my finished brow look. A must have product in my opinion!! 

Overall I’m so impressed with this range, I wasn’t expecting to REALLY like so many of the products if I’m honest. Having tried them all now I’ve added Ka-Brow and the Precisely My Brow Pencil to my ever expanding “Want List” they were definitely my favourites on the day. 

My favourite on the day

The one thing I would suggest you do if you want to know for sure which one is best for you would be to head into Benefit in Boots Half Moon Street to the really lovely girls who’ll only be too happy to help you. They offer a brow mapping service in store too which goes through the best products to use for your brow needs and how to use them correctly. I know they’ll only be too happy to try on any of the products you’d like to try too!! You can tell them I sent you!! 

June’s Top Picks

I just wanted to share with you some of my favourites from June, some that I’ve tried for the first time, others that I’ve rediscovered.

No.7 Beautiful Skin Cleansing Water

Now this is one I’ve rediscovered. After years of using it, I stopped, not for any particular reason but because I just wanted to try something different. You know yourself what it’s like when you get stuck in a product rut and a change is as good as a rest, or so they say. I love the idea of cleansing waters, in my opinion they’re as thorough as a cream cleanser but as convenient as a cleansing wipe, making it a very attractive option for anybody who tries to talk themselves out of cleaning off their make up every couple of nights!!

The description of this product I’ve always felt is a bit misleading though, it claims to be suitable for Normal/Oily skin which I have to say I don’t fully agree with. When I started using it first I would have been on the oilier side of combination but now I’m on the drier side of it and I love it every bit as much. Maybe it’s fabulous for oily skin too of course but all I’m saying is don’t rule it out if you aren’t oily because it’s a beautiful product. I love the tightening, tingling feeling it leaves on my skin after using it, it feels so refreshing. And I also love the convenience of the pump action top which can lock, making it convenient for travelling with. Excellent value for money at €13.00 but No.7 are such a great brand for offers, so keep your eye out for 3 for 2 or money off skincare vouchers.

Benefit Goof Proof Brow Pencil

So at the end of June Benefit pulled off one of the biggest launches any cosmetic company has ever managed, upgrading and adding to their brow range. Lots of new products were introduced and lots of new shades were introduced to existing products and they all got a really funky makeover. Among the products introduced was the Goof Proof Brow Pencil, now like many others I got mine free in Elle magazine, what a great way to get us hooked!! Although the shade that came in the magazine was a little bit too light for me it still allowed me to see how great this product is and the ease at which you can apply it. It’s a perfect product if like me you have gaps in your brows, the shape of the pencil really helps with accurate application and the full size product comes with a built in spoolie brush so you comb through brows afterwards to soften them out. Having used this one I’m definitely going to buy the full size one in the correct colour for me and also check out some of their other brow products while I’m at it.

Nivea Double Effect Eye Make-up Remover

Now I’ve only begun to use this product very recently but I’ve no idea why it’s taken me so long to start using it to be honest. Before it I had always used Clinique’s “Take the Day Off” but it stopped agreeing with me hence why I started to look for an alternative. This is a fantastic product, it is every bit as good as the more expensive brands at only a fraction of the price. It’s a bi-phase formula so you must shake well before use but it effectively removes all traces of eye make up including waterproof mascara without excessive rubbing or tugging at the eye. The best tip I can give you when cleaning your eye make up off is to start at the outside of the eye and work your way in as going the other way drags at the eye and the more dragging you do the more chance there is of causing fine lines. Suitable for contact lens wearers and sensitive eyes too.

Benefit Erase Paste 

This is a product I bought during my Pamper Day in The Kingdom on the Benefit counter in CH Chemists Tralee. I honestly had never heard of it before but I just love it, it was by far the product I was most impressed with on the day. It’s a concealer but personally I think it’s a bit more than that because not only does it help to conceal dark circles and blemishes it also leaves a beautiful brightening finish to the skin. Unlike other under eye concealers it’s not at all thick and cakey and there’s no creasing which is the Holy Grail when it comes to under eye concealing. I particularly like this for concealing the redness I have in my cheek area, I find it blends brilliantly and the coverage is buildable so you can even use it with a lighter weight foundation too without it looking obvious. It comes in three different shades Fair, Medium and Deep and the box contains a really helpful step by step lesson for easier application. Available on all Benefit counters priced at €27.50.

Seventeen Skin Wow Primer

When they say Wow, they’re not joking….Seventeen you are really winning me over lately with the fabulous new additions to your range, see details of their gorgeous new concealer here in My top 5 budget buys for May !! Anyway back to the highlighter, it’s absolutely gorgeous I can’t believe how much so considering the fact that it’s only €8.49!!! OK so you can use it several different ways, firstly you can mix a little bit of it with your own foundation to give your skin an overall glow. You can also use it over your moisturiser and under your foundation as your primer or you can dot some on your cheeks and use it as your highlighter. No matter what way you use it it’ll give you glow for days!!! It is absolutely dreamy.

Pamper Day in The Kingdom

When I was invited to have a mini facial and a makeover in CH Chemists during my time in Tralee at the start of June I was absolutely chuffed. It’s a place that holds a lot of memories for me as my then boyfriend ( now husband ) spent our first two New Years Eve’s together in The Brandon Hotel in Tralee many moons ago and that’s when I discovered CH Chemists for the first time. CH Chemists is a beauty lovers dream, it boasts a combination of your beautiful high end cosmetic counters such as Chanel, Estee Lauder and Clinique while also incorporating high street brands like Sleek, Catrice and Makeup Revolution. They also have a photo bar, a Beauty Salon, a Pharmacy and an Opticians on site, talk about a one stop shop!!
I was invited to the Benefit counter to spend the morning with the wonderful Aoife, I was excited because I don’t know too much about Benefit to be honest apart from being obsessed with their blushers and brow products like every body else but other than that I was fairly clueless.  Aoife cleansed my skin using the Remove It makeup remover followed by the Moisture Prep toning lotion. Both products felt and smelt absolutely beautiful and they were so refreshing because it was such a sunny day outside it was well needed. She then applied Triple Performance facial emulsion as my moisturiser, this is an oil free moisturiser with an SPF 15 included, it felt really hydrating but was very lightweight at the same time which I personally prefer. Then came my personal favourite skin care product that she used, the It’s Potent eye cream. What a beautiful product this is, she applied it on one eye first and then showed me my face in the mirror and I couldn’t believe the difference between both eyes, the eye she applied it on looked brighter instantly, I couldn’t have believed there’d be as much of a difference. I definitely have this product on my list of must buys in the future. She then gave me a spritz of the Ultra Radiance Mist which is a hydrating mist that you can use after cleansing or throughout the day to give your skin a boost. This felt gorgeous, so refreshing and hydrating and again it smelt absolutely glorious. After this mini facial I think I’ve well and truly been converted to try Benefit as a brand for skin care, something that I don’t think I would have said before.

Now onto my mug, she started as I would have myself with my brows, something Benefit Babes are renowned for making flawless, she used a combination of Brow Zings in Medium on the brows themselves and high brow eyebrow highlighter to accentuate the arches to make the eye look brighter, and more defined and Boing concealer in 01 around the brow area to conceal and shape the brows and the results were just fab. My eyes looked lifted and my brows looked full and shaped to perfection, nothing less than I would have expected.


Onto my eye make up, she prepped my eyelids with Stay Don’t Stray primer in 01 and then used a combination of Hoola bronzer with the Big Beautiful Eyes palette as my eye shadow. I would never have thought of using Hoola on my eyes ever but its gorgeous and I’ll definitely be doing it again in the future. The Big Beautiful Eyes palette is an excellent all rounder of a palette, incorporating Boing concealer in 02 along with 3 beautiful eyeshadow colours, Alabaster Pink, Cocoa Shimmer and Rich Chocolate Brown. With these colours Aoife created a lovely natural day time look but it’s easy to see how this could be upgraded to a night time look very, very easily. She finished off the eye look using They’re Real push up liner, now this is a product I’ve had problems using myself previously as it kept breaking off on me but Aoife showed me a few tips on the best way to use it so I now feel a bit more confident about trying it again. She then gave my lashes a coat of Roller Lash mascara and voila my eyes were complete.


Finally on to my face, Aoife used Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow Foundation in Believe in Me Ivory. Again this is a product I had never used before and I really liked it. Firstly it has an SPF25 which is fantastic for a foundation, secondly this lightweight buildable foundation manages to give you great coverage while also brightening up the skin. She set it using Hello Flawless powder in Gee I’m Swell giving it a bit more coverage without being overly matte. Blusher was courtesy of Rockateur, one of my very faves, if you haven’t used this yet you need it in your life pronto. It’s a divine rose gold colour blush that has the littlest amount of shimmer running through it, it just goes with everything!! Dew the Hoola liquid bronzer from the new bronzing range was my contouring product and the beautiful Dandelion Shy Beam was my highlighter. What a beautiful product this is, now anybody who follows my blog or my social media pages will know how much I love my highlighter but this one is a litte bit special, it’s a beautiful, liquid, soft matte pink shade that complemented the soft dewy finish of my make up perfectly. It’s another one for the must have list I think!!

Now with all the good must inevitably come some bad, the one and only product I didn’t like from the day was the lipstick. Aoife used Hydra Smooth lip colour in Wing Woman on me, a really gorgeous rose pink colour that I loved but it was honestly nearly gone by the time I left the shop, I didn’t find any lasting power in it whatsoever. Disappointing as I loved the colour and I was so happy with everything else. Oh well, you can’t win them all!!


Overall my experience was so incredibly enjoyable, Aoife is a truly lovely girl, passionate about the beauty industry and her brand in particular and it’s very obvious that she loves her job but having spent time in the store I could really see why. If you’re ever travelling to Tralee I would make it my business to call into CH Chemists because I’m sure you’ll find something you’ll love. And be sure to call to call to Aoife on the Benefit counter and tell her I sent you.

All products are available to buy online with free delivery on all orders over €40 within Ireland.