Nimue Facial 

On Monday the 3rd of October I was very kindly invited to experience a Nimue facial in Ev & Essence Beauty Salon in Midleton. Having had limited experience with the brand but hearing such incredible things about it I was really eager to try it. 

Nimue is a South African brand which is different from your regular over the counter skincare brands. It’s more of a skinceutical, powerful enough to be able to penetrate below the surface of the skin actively improving the skin’s health and overall appearance. 

Having had my initial consultation with Aileen and discussing my main skin concerns with her it was established that she would be using products from their range for Environmentally Damaged Skin. 

The beautiful treatment room

Aileen showed into her beautiful treatment room which was stunningly decorated and was equipped with a heated bed (absolute bliss on a dull Monday morning) The facial began with a very thorough cleanse of my face using the Cleansing Gel, this was then removed with gauze. My skin was then swept over with the Cleansing Tonic and the Exfoliating Enzyme was applied. Water was added and the product was worked into my skin for a few minutes giving it a very deep clean. 

After the Exfoliating Enzyme was removed Aileen applied the Peel, to be honest I was a little bit anxious about this part because when you hear peel your mind tends to think harsh on the skin but that wasn’t the case at all. The only thing I felt was mild tingling and my face heated up a little bit, more so in some places than others but it was comfortable at all times. 
After the peel was removed the mask was applied and this was hands down my favourite part of the treatment. It was so beautifully cooling on the skin after the peel, in fact I don’t think I realised how warm my face was until Aileen applied the mask, it was absolute heaven!!  The mask was then left on for about ten minutes until it fully set and rather awesomely peeled off all in one piece!! 

My skin felt so incredibly clean after the mask was removed like indescribably so. When I looked in the mirror the difference was visible, even though I had just had a facial so my skin was stimulated it appeared a lot less red than normal. I also thought it looked brighter and a lot more refreshed. To say I was impressed would be an understatement. 
The final part of the process was the application of the day cream and most importantly Sun C SPF40. Wearing SPF on your face should be an important part of everyone’s every day skin care regime it’s particularly important after a peel as your skin is more vulnerable to environmental damage. 

So my first proper Nimue experience was an incredibly impressive one. I was invited by Nimue to have the facial done but I was so thrilled with how my skin looked and felt after using the products that I bought the Skincare Starter Pack there and then. I cannot wait to try it regularly over the next few weeks and I’ll keep you updated on my progress as I go. 

So happy with how clear my skin looked after and a lot less red than usual

Very kindly Aileen in Ev & Essence Beauty Salon has offered a discount to any of my followers that would like to try a Nimue facial for themselves. The offer runs until the 31st of October and you just need to quote JOANNE at the time of booking to get your facial for €45 instead of the regular price of €60. I will leave her contact details below. 
I strongly recommend trying one of these facials, trust me your skin will thank you for it!! 


Urban Decay Vice Lipsticks

Woo hoo they’re finally here, it felt like the day would never come as I had known about this launch since early May and I was just beyond excited to see the new range in the flesh!! 100 new lipstick shades….Yup you read that right, 100 new shades, along with 50 new lip pencils, it would be almost impossible not to find at least one you liked amongst them but from my point of view it was always going to be narrowing my likes down to an “acceptable “amount that would be the biggest challenge!!!

So I headed into Debenhams in Patrick Street to spend some quality time with the gorgeous Kate as she walked me through the new range and very kindly gave me the opportunity to try on any of the lipsticks that took my fancy…..oooohhh don’t mind if I do!!

The lipsticks come in six different finishes, Mega Matte, Comfort Matte, Cream, Metallized, Sheer and Sheer Shimmer. They’re each matched to their own most suitable lip pencil so it makes picking a complete lip set beyond simple. So I searched through the shade chart and picked out 10 or 11 shades that I wanted to try, I had made a deal with myself before I went in there that I was to stay away from bright pink and coral shades as these are always my  “Go To”shades and I wanted to be adventurous and try colours I wouldn’t normally buy now I had the opportunity to. Below is a selection of some of what I tried.

Out of what I tried on I ended up buying Unicorn (Comfort Matte), Backtalk (Comfort Matte) and Conspiracy (Metallized) but I absolutely fell in love with Mrs Mia Wallace and it’s definitely on my must have list for Autumn/Winter, this is a re-released colour having proved to be incredibly popular when it was released as a limited edition shade in 2014. I was also brave enough to try Peversion which is black and although the texture of the lipstick was beautiful on I’m afraid the colour did nothing for me but loved having the opportunity to try it.

Since buying them I have to say I’m absolutely obsessed with Backtalk its by far the most unique colour I’ve ever owned and I would highly recommend the Comfort Matte finish, it feels beautiful on the lips, it moves so well and isn’t drying at all plus I’m very impressed with its lasting power, it has withstood cups of coffee and full meals so far without having to be topped up!!

Overall it’s another big thumbs up for these, as anybody who follows my blog or my social media pages will know I am a huge, huge fan of Urban Decay anyway but these did not disappoint. Be sure and head in to Patrick Street where the lovely girls will be only too happy to go through the full range with you and help you find your perfect match!!

Lipsticks are priced at €18 each and lip liners are €17.50 each




Pamper Day in The Kingdom

When I was invited to have a mini facial and a makeover in CH Chemists during my time in Tralee at the start of June I was absolutely chuffed. It’s a place that holds a lot of memories for me as my then boyfriend ( now husband ) spent our first two New Years Eve’s together in The Brandon Hotel in Tralee many moons ago and that’s when I discovered CH Chemists for the first time. CH Chemists is a beauty lovers dream, it boasts a combination of your beautiful high end cosmetic counters such as Chanel, Estee Lauder and Clinique while also incorporating high street brands like Sleek, Catrice and Makeup Revolution. They also have a photo bar, a Beauty Salon, a Pharmacy and an Opticians on site, talk about a one stop shop!!
I was invited to the Benefit counter to spend the morning with the wonderful Aoife, I was excited because I don’t know too much about Benefit to be honest apart from being obsessed with their blushers and brow products like every body else but other than that I was fairly clueless.  Aoife cleansed my skin using the Remove It makeup remover followed by the Moisture Prep toning lotion. Both products felt and smelt absolutely beautiful and they were so refreshing because it was such a sunny day outside it was well needed. She then applied Triple Performance facial emulsion as my moisturiser, this is an oil free moisturiser with an SPF 15 included, it felt really hydrating but was very lightweight at the same time which I personally prefer. Then came my personal favourite skin care product that she used, the It’s Potent eye cream. What a beautiful product this is, she applied it on one eye first and then showed me my face in the mirror and I couldn’t believe the difference between both eyes, the eye she applied it on looked brighter instantly, I couldn’t have believed there’d be as much of a difference. I definitely have this product on my list of must buys in the future. She then gave me a spritz of the Ultra Radiance Mist which is a hydrating mist that you can use after cleansing or throughout the day to give your skin a boost. This felt gorgeous, so refreshing and hydrating and again it smelt absolutely glorious. After this mini facial I think I’ve well and truly been converted to try Benefit as a brand for skin care, something that I don’t think I would have said before.

Now onto my mug, she started as I would have myself with my brows, something Benefit Babes are renowned for making flawless, she used a combination of Brow Zings in Medium on the brows themselves and high brow eyebrow highlighter to accentuate the arches to make the eye look brighter, and more defined and Boing concealer in 01 around the brow area to conceal and shape the brows and the results were just fab. My eyes looked lifted and my brows looked full and shaped to perfection, nothing less than I would have expected.


Onto my eye make up, she prepped my eyelids with Stay Don’t Stray primer in 01 and then used a combination of Hoola bronzer with the Big Beautiful Eyes palette as my eye shadow. I would never have thought of using Hoola on my eyes ever but its gorgeous and I’ll definitely be doing it again in the future. The Big Beautiful Eyes palette is an excellent all rounder of a palette, incorporating Boing concealer in 02 along with 3 beautiful eyeshadow colours, Alabaster Pink, Cocoa Shimmer and Rich Chocolate Brown. With these colours Aoife created a lovely natural day time look but it’s easy to see how this could be upgraded to a night time look very, very easily. She finished off the eye look using They’re Real push up liner, now this is a product I’ve had problems using myself previously as it kept breaking off on me but Aoife showed me a few tips on the best way to use it so I now feel a bit more confident about trying it again. She then gave my lashes a coat of Roller Lash mascara and voila my eyes were complete.


Finally on to my face, Aoife used Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow Foundation in Believe in Me Ivory. Again this is a product I had never used before and I really liked it. Firstly it has an SPF25 which is fantastic for a foundation, secondly this lightweight buildable foundation manages to give you great coverage while also brightening up the skin. She set it using Hello Flawless powder in Gee I’m Swell giving it a bit more coverage without being overly matte. Blusher was courtesy of Rockateur, one of my very faves, if you haven’t used this yet you need it in your life pronto. It’s a divine rose gold colour blush that has the littlest amount of shimmer running through it, it just goes with everything!! Dew the Hoola liquid bronzer from the new bronzing range was my contouring product and the beautiful Dandelion Shy Beam was my highlighter. What a beautiful product this is, now anybody who follows my blog or my social media pages will know how much I love my highlighter but this one is a litte bit special, it’s a beautiful, liquid, soft matte pink shade that complemented the soft dewy finish of my make up perfectly. It’s another one for the must have list I think!!

Now with all the good must inevitably come some bad, the one and only product I didn’t like from the day was the lipstick. Aoife used Hydra Smooth lip colour in Wing Woman on me, a really gorgeous rose pink colour that I loved but it was honestly nearly gone by the time I left the shop, I didn’t find any lasting power in it whatsoever. Disappointing as I loved the colour and I was so happy with everything else. Oh well, you can’t win them all!!


Overall my experience was so incredibly enjoyable, Aoife is a truly lovely girl, passionate about the beauty industry and her brand in particular and it’s very obvious that she loves her job but having spent time in the store I could really see why. If you’re ever travelling to Tralee I would make it my business to call into CH Chemists because I’m sure you’ll find something you’ll love. And be sure to call to call to Aoife on the Benefit counter and tell her I sent you.

All products are available to buy online with free delivery on all orders over €40 within Ireland.

Urban Decay Masterclass

Well last night I attended the Urban Decay Masterclass in Debenhams Patrick Street with the wonderful Danielle Roberts in attendance.  In case you don’t know who Danielle is, she’s the Regional Make up artist for Urban Decay and IMHO an absolute genius. Last night wasn’t my first time seeing her work in person as I had already attended a Masterclass she held in Mahon Point back at the start of April and from that moment on became an absolute #fangirl!!


The look last night focused on the launch of the Alice through the Looking Glass palette which launched in stores on Thursday the 5th of May. Now if you follow me on any of my social media platforms you’ll already know how obsessed I am with this palette and expect a blog post really, really soon dedicated to the palette alone.

What I loved about last night’s look was the wearability of the look she created even though she used, purple, bright green and pink glitter eyeliner!! Check out the final look below modelled by the lovely Carolyn. This is a palette that on first glances you might think “ya that’s not for me” due to the brightness of some of the colours but as Danielle quite rightly pointed out, if you take away the 4 or 5 bright colours you’re left with a very subtle, wearable every day palette. In fact this was the angle I wanted to take for my own dedicated blog post because I couldn’t get over how subtle it could be when I used it first. Don’t get me wrong I’m dying to try an over the top look like those used on the promotional posters but obviously I won’t be doing that on a day when I need to pop to Aldi for butter!!


Another super point that she made last night was if you were heading away for a weekend or a night away #alicethroughthelookingglass is your perfect one stop palette as you can use the shade “Lily” as a highlighter and “Paradox” as a gorgeous peachy tone blusher.


After the Masterclass was finished we were all invited downstairs to make our purchases and we were told that there was a special deluxe goody bag for the first 15 people who spent over €60….Challenge accepted!!! This turned out to be a beautiful box full of really well sized Urban Decay samples and miniatures. These are such a great way of trying products before you buy and some of them have a lot more than one use in them!! Along with that everyone got a Debenhams goodie bag that had a few other samples from different counters within the store as well as a green fluorescent bag from Taylor by Taylor Swift perfume. All in all a really good value night for the €20 a ticket price, seeing as this €20 could also be used against any item you purchased on the night.

My purchases last night were two planned ones which were the Eyeshadow Primer Potion and the All Nighter Makeup Setting Spray, both of which came in my goody bag at the last event and I was very impressed with both. My other purchase was a complete impulse buy to be honest, I bought the Afterglow Powder Highlight in “Fireball”. I already have this in “Sin” and it is seriously AWESOME and the Fireball is such a unique colour for a highlighter I honestly couldn’t resist it!! To be honest I’m glad I didn’t resist because the box of sample goodies absolutely made it worthwhile investing in it.



A truly enjoyable evening getting to see a true master at work. I love Urban Decay as a brand so much, they’re a little bit left of the middle while still being a very wearable brand. Roll on June for the launch of their 100 new lip colours #lipstickismyvice. I’m going to be stoney broke 🙈🙈🙈🙈