Didn’t expect to be writing this review so soon!!

So last Thursday night I used the iWhite Instant Teeth Whitening System for the very first time and to say I was excited to start doing these would be an understatement. I had heard absolutely fantastic reviews about this system and lots of people I admire from Marissa Carter to Jen from Too Dolly Makeup had used them and loved them so what could possibly go wrong right?


The system itself is a box with ten sets of prefilled trays included and they retail at approximately €30, I got mine in Boots and that’s what it cost me. Before you use the system you must brush your teeth gently to remove any debris and then peel back the foil on one of the packs and place a pre filled tray in both the upper and lower set of your teeth making sure that the gel is in contact with your teeth but at the same time not biting down too hard as you’ll break it.


At this point you are to leave the trays on your teeth for twenty minutes and then remove. It sounds so straightforward but here are the problems I had with it. Firstly the taste, I really wasn’t expecting it to taste so vile, I thought it would be all minty and fresh seeing as it’s a product for teeth but no, it tasted like liquid chalk and it took everything I had in me not to take it out after the first five minutes.

Secondly, and I apologise in advance for the TMI of this part but I can’t think of another way of putting it, the spit!!! I had no idea what to do with all of the saliva I generated during that 20 minutes, I felt I couldn’t swallow it because the taste was so unpleasant but I expect that that is what you’re supposed to do with it alright. So unpleasant I just can’t adequately describe how bad it was.

Anyway after the 20 minutes were up I removed both trays and following the instructions I gently rinsed my mouth out with water to remove any residue of the whitening product from my teeth and the second the cold water hit my teeth I knew I was in trouble. The sensitivity and in some areas actual pain I felt was completely unexpected, I understand that some whitening products do this but this one describes itself as being 100% safe as it is hydrogen peroxide free, in fact it claims to strengthen the teeth as it delivers a highly soluble source of calcium, I’m afraid I do not agree. I wouldn’t have ever considered myself to have overly sensitive teeth but maybe I do as I know others who have used this product with no problem whatsoever so it obviously suits some people I wish I had been one of them.

Even on Thursday night after I had finished using the first set and felt the sensitivity I thought I’d be still willing to use it again to see if it got any better but I decided today that I wasn’t, seeing as I still have sensitivity in some of my teeth now four days later. I’m so annoyed, I was really looking forward to using these and obviously they weren’t cheap either and I now have no use for them. By all means give them a try if you want to but I would think very carefully about it if you have any sensitivity whatsoever in your teeth, I really don’t think it’s worth the risk.

I’ve found a little gem

Well now when I bought this humble palette last weekend I never for one minute expected to have such a positive experience with it. If I’m honest I bought it simply for one colour which is the beautiful reddish brown shade in the second row on the right and I thought €2.50 was a good deal if that turned out to be nice. When I got home and swatched the colours I was so pleasantly surprised with the depth of colour I got from them and that reddish brown colour that drew my eye to the palette to begin with did not disappoint.


Now I know some who would absolutely turn their noses up at even trying an eye shadow that is that budget but to me all make up is fair game. My make up bag is a plethora of MANY different brands both budget and high end. I’m a big believer in giving something a try regardless because you’ll never know when you’ll find a gem and I think I found one in this.

Last night’s look was a blown out plum smoky eye which I went on to upgrade to a glittery finish and I’ll show you both. I started off by using a eye shadow primer and for this I used “I 💜 stage from Essence cosmetics. This is a great primer if you don’t have a big budget as it’s less than €4 and most Penneys stores these days have an Essence stand. To create the look I used 6 out of the 9 colours starting off with my favourite colour of the palette as the high point and blending in the darker shades lower down. To create a really blown out look I always use the colours I use on top under the eye too, this really adds to the continuity of the look and this is why I always start with my eyes before I do any concealing or foundation. It means that you complete the all over look of the eye first and there’s no fall out on to your foundation and you can also tidy up any mistakes under the eye more easily.


To finish the eye I used the felt tip liner from Penneys once again which I have used every day since I bought it instead of my regular Rimmel Exaggerate liner and it rocks!! So soft and easy to apply, doesn’t drag the eyelid at all and I’ve been successfully able to recreate both a thin and thicker look with it. If I was to have a little gripe with it it would be that it is difficult to remove, you have to give it a lot of welly to get it off but on the bright side of that at least you know it’s not going to wear off during the day!!


Last night’s contour colour came courtesy of Sleek, I used the dark shade from the Face Contour Kit in “Light” but I used a new product for highlight and that was the “Blusher” colour from the PS Strobe Crayon Trio again from Penneys.  I also picked these up when I was in there on Sunday because I was so intrigued as to what they were and how they’d look on. They come in a set of three and include a sharpener, there’s a Highlight, Blusher and Bronzer shade in the box and I’ll give you a close up view of them below. Out of the three I would say the “Blusher” colour is by far my favourite,  it’s a beautiful soft pink shade that gives the skin a lovely lift when applied. I tried the “Highlight” shade with the eye look I created last night and ended up taking it off as I thought it was way too harsh, it’s bright, bright white and unless you’re a Drag Queen or on Toddlers and Tiaras nobody needs that much highlight under their brows!! I’m yet to try the “Bronze” shade because with my colouring it’s not a colour I’d naturally gravitate towards so maybe during the summer when I have some tan on it might be something I’d go for then. The texture of the crayon is nice and soft but they go on quite thickly, I would definitely not recommend applying them directly to your face, I would either use a brush or your fingers. I used my finger last night, I took some of the product off of the crayon and gently patted  it on the cheek area I wanted to highlight. Pat instead of rubbing as you’ll gently build the colour this way whereas if you rub all you’ll achieve is patchy foundation with highlighty bits!!



My foundation was courtesy of WetnWild, it’s their Coverall foundation in E816 Fair/Light. I love this foundation, it’s got great coverage without feeling too heavy, blends well and has a satin finish. The only negative with it is that it doesn’t have an SPF but that would be a lot to expect from a product that’s under €5!!

To upgrade the look to a glitter finish I applied some of the WetnWild cream glitter eyeshadows that I picked up AGAIN in Penneys a few weeks back when I fell in love with their beautiful jewelled tones. These take a lot to work to get any colour pay off with, I had to use a lot of product in that small area to get the desired look and I think next time I might try applying some Duo glue to the area first to see if this helps the glitter to build up a little easier.



Finally the lip, this is courtesy of Sleek and their beautiful Matte Me liquid lipsticks, the shade is “Shabby Chic” and I teamed it with “Mulberry” lip pencil from Natural Collection, all of which are available in selected Boots stores and the Sleek Matte Me lipsticks are currently on 2 for €11….BARGAIN.


I absolutely love this look, I’m so excited that it was created with “budget” brands and I can’t wait to create even more looks using this absolute bargain buy. Get yourself to Penneys pronto!!!

Nip + Fab Glycolic Fix Exfoliating Pads

I’m going to start off by saying these are a absolute MUST HAVE product especially for anyone who’s less than impressed by those pesky first signs of ageing!!

I’ve been so, so impressed with them. When I read the blurb about them resurfacing and brightening the skin I never thought for one minute that I’d actually end up seeing a visible difference, so much so that I wish I had taken before and after photos.

The pads are soaked in Glycolic Acid,  Hyaluronic Acid and Blue Daisy. The Glycolic Acid helps to resurface the skin helping to reveal younger looking skin. The Hyaluronic Acid moisturises and refreshes and the Blue Daisy is soothing and calming.


I can genuinely see a difference in the level of redness in my skin since using these, I would have a lot of redness in my cheeks and I’d usually feel quite self conscious about going out without makeup on but I can see these helping already. I’ve also noticed a difference in my skins texture, they’ve gotten rid of bumps I’ve had on my chin for as long as I can remember. I had previously used, steaming, scrubs and abrasive sponges on that area to try and remove these to no avail but ten days of using these pads and they’re gone.

The pads are used on clean skin once or twice a day, I’ve just been using them once and with 60 pads in the pot that gives you nearly two months worth for your money. Swipe them over the skin “bumpy” side up and apply them all over the face and neck area and follow with a moisturiser.

Now THE most important thing after using these is to apply a moisturiser with an SPF afterwards as Glycolic Acid makes your skin more sensitive to the sun.

A fantastic addition to your skin care regime.

The Nip and Fab Glycolic Fix Exfoliating Pads are currently on 3 for 2 in Boots and on Boots.ie at a price of €17.99 each. They’re also available on Cloud10.ie for €13.95 and they have 15% off all of their products until Sunday night using the code FB15FAN and free delivery on any order over €15!!


Urban Decay Masterclass

Well last night I attended the Urban Decay Masterclass in Debenhams Patrick Street with the wonderful Danielle Roberts in attendance.  In case you don’t know who Danielle is, she’s the Regional Make up artist for Urban Decay and IMHO an absolute genius. Last night wasn’t my first time seeing her work in person as I had already attended a Masterclass she held in Mahon Point back at the start of April and from that moment on became an absolute #fangirl!!


The look last night focused on the launch of the Alice through the Looking Glass palette which launched in stores on Thursday the 5th of May. Now if you follow me on any of my social media platforms you’ll already know how obsessed I am with this palette and expect a blog post really, really soon dedicated to the palette alone.

What I loved about last night’s look was the wearability of the look she created even though she used, purple, bright green and pink glitter eyeliner!! Check out the final look below modelled by the lovely Carolyn. This is a palette that on first glances you might think “ya that’s not for me” due to the brightness of some of the colours but as Danielle quite rightly pointed out, if you take away the 4 or 5 bright colours you’re left with a very subtle, wearable every day palette. In fact this was the angle I wanted to take for my own dedicated blog post because I couldn’t get over how subtle it could be when I used it first. Don’t get me wrong I’m dying to try an over the top look like those used on the promotional posters but obviously I won’t be doing that on a day when I need to pop to Aldi for butter!!


Another super point that she made last night was if you were heading away for a weekend or a night away #alicethroughthelookingglass is your perfect one stop palette as you can use the shade “Lily” as a highlighter and “Paradox” as a gorgeous peachy tone blusher.


After the Masterclass was finished we were all invited downstairs to make our purchases and we were told that there was a special deluxe goody bag for the first 15 people who spent over €60….Challenge accepted!!! This turned out to be a beautiful box full of really well sized Urban Decay samples and miniatures. These are such a great way of trying products before you buy and some of them have a lot more than one use in them!! Along with that everyone got a Debenhams goodie bag that had a few other samples from different counters within the store as well as a green fluorescent bag from Taylor by Taylor Swift perfume. All in all a really good value night for the €20 a ticket price, seeing as this €20 could also be used against any item you purchased on the night.

My purchases last night were two planned ones which were the Eyeshadow Primer Potion and the All Nighter Makeup Setting Spray, both of which came in my goody bag at the last event and I was very impressed with both. My other purchase was a complete impulse buy to be honest, I bought the Afterglow Powder Highlight in “Fireball”. I already have this in “Sin” and it is seriously AWESOME and the Fireball is such a unique colour for a highlighter I honestly couldn’t resist it!! To be honest I’m glad I didn’t resist because the box of sample goodies absolutely made it worthwhile investing in it.



A truly enjoyable evening getting to see a true master at work. I love Urban Decay as a brand so much, they’re a little bit left of the middle while still being a very wearable brand. Roll on June for the launch of their 100 new lip colours #lipstickismyvice. I’m going to be stoney broke 🙈🙈🙈🙈

Bourjois City Radiance Foundation

wp-1462280229602.jpgThis is the newest edition to the Bourjois Foundation family and brilliantly timed in my opinion. It is absolutely ideal coming into summer, a lightweight liquid which still manages to give the skin a dewy glow while also providing unexpectedly good coverage. I have tried it now for the past week or so and I have to say I will definitely be repurchasing. I bought shade 02 Vanilla and having just tried it on my hand thought it was the most suitable colour for me as 01 Ivory is quite pale but if I’m honest I think I’m probably between the two colours as I have to bring the foundation down onto my neck and add some bronzer to match up with the 02 but not to worry as they’re currently 2 for €20 in Boots and on Boots.ie so I’m going to buy myself an Ivory and another Vanilla and just mix them together.

When purchasing this product I had thought it was going to be the consistency of a BB cream or a Tinted Moisturiser but I was so pleasantly surprised at how much coverage it gave me. Now I’m not going to lie I still did use a little bit of concealer under my eyes and on my nose too with it as I have quite a bit of redness around my nose area naturally and let’s face it who doesn’t want to brighten up their under eye??? But if you don’t have these concerns there would be no need to as the foundation covers adequately. It also has an SPF of 30 which has makes it the ultimate foundation for summer IMHO!!

My advice to you would be to hot foot it to Boots right now and get it while that offer lasts or pop online if you don’t want to even leave the comfort of your own couch. It’s a must have for your summer make up bag .